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China 2019 - China Energy Outlook

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China’s energy-demand growth continues to outpace the West's, yet the proportion of coal in China's energy mix is on the decline as its renewable investments triple those of the US. How is the global energy sector being transformed as a function of China’s energy transition?

- Atul Arya, Senior Vice-President and Chief Energy Strategist, IHS Markit, USA
- Qian Jing, Vice-President, JinkoSolar, People's Republic of China
- Sun Xiansheng, Secretary-General, International Energy Forum (IEF), Riyadh
- Xin Baoan, President, State Grid Corporation of China, People's Republic of China
- Yongping Zhai, Chief, Energy Sector Group, Asian Development Bank, Manila

Moderated by
- Li Sixuan, Anchor, China Central Television (CCTV), People's Republic of China; Young Global Leader

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