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Demoscene: "Chaos Theory" by Conspiracy (HD quality, widescreen)

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JAN 2012 UPDATE *** JAN 2012 UPDATE *** JAN 2012 UPDATEAs pointed out by one of the guys involved creating this awesome demo, this recording is bugged!So I created a new BUGFREE recording. I pushed the source bitrate a lot and recorded in 1080p! You can find the new version here:http://youtu.be/4DjBq2O0XXkJAN 2012 UPDATE *** JAN 2012 UPDATE *** JAN 2012 UPDATEThis is a high definition version of "Chaos Theory" by Conspiracy made for the Assembly in 2006. It is a stunning display of what can be squeezed into 64kb of code and then be unleashed onto a screen by the power of modern computers in realtime.From their homepage at http://chaostheory.conspiracy.hu/ about this work:A computer generated movie, Chaos Theory creates 4 minutes of vibrant animation and music for you to enjoy using the processing power of your cpu and videocard - in real time. Check out how much can fit into the size of a 4 seconds long MP3.Enjoy!
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