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Effective Dart + IntelliJ (Dart Conference 2018)

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Effective Dart + IntelliJ
In this video, we'll present a live demo showing the capabilities of the Dart support on the IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs. We’ll briefly talk about the the Dart Analysis Server, show some of the core IntelliJ actions and features all users should know, show off the AngularDart and Flutter support.
About Jaime and Alex:
Jaime Wren is a Googler who works on the Dart tooling stack.
Alexander Doroshko has been a happy IntelliJ IDEA user since 2003 and even a happier IntelliJ IDEA / WebStorm developer since 2008. As a Dart support lead in JetBrains, he is passionate about implementing smart IDE features for developers.
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