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Elision Pronunciation - How to Understand Fast English Speakers

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In this lesson, you can learn about a pronunciation feature which can help you to understand fast speech and also talk more fluently in English. What is this pronunciation feature? It’s called ‘elision’. Elision is when some words or parts of a word are not pronounced. For example, a letter might not be pronounced, or a syllable might disappear, or sometimes even whole words are not pronounced fully. Elision is common in spoken English, especially in fast, informal speech. Learning about elision will help your listening and—if you can use it yourself—help your speaking, too!
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1. Disappearing Syllables 1:20
2. Disappearing /t/ and /d/ Sounds 5:32
3. Elision in Sentences 10:52
This lesson will help you:
- Understand how fast English speakers use elision to pronounce some words without a syllable.
- Better hear the long and short vowel sounds which are used with words that are pronounced with disappearing syllables.
- Learn about /t/ and /d/ sounds which are commonly left out of words when fast English speakers use elision pronunciation.
- See how elision pronunciation is used in full sentences to better understand the way fast English speakers put these words together in connected sounds.
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