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English Grammar lesson - Using Conjunctions correctly in sentences ( free English Lessons)

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English Grammar lesson - Using conjunctions correctly in sentences
(free English Lessons)

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In this English Grammar lesson you will learn how to use conjunctions correctly in a sentence. A conjunction is a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause.

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1. And: adds one thing to another or used for similar ideas.
Example: Jane came to my party. Samara came to my party.
Jane and Samara came to my party.

2. But: is used to show contrast. So, if we talk about two things, people or ideas that are contrasting each other, we use ‘but’.
Example: Mrs. Smith is strict. Mrs. Smith is kind.
Mrs. Smith is strict but kind. (strict and kind are contrasting qualities)

3. So: indicates effect, result or consequence. It also expresses ‘purpose’ in a sentence.
For example: Write down the address, so we don’t forget it.

4. Or: presents an alternative or a choice.
Example: Do you want pasta or rice?

5. Because/since/as: are used to give reasons. They can be used interchangeably.
Example: I sat down because/since/as I was tired.

6. After/before/when: are all time related conjunctions.
Example: I’ll email you after I receive the update. (after shows the sequence where one action id followed by the other)
Example: I’ll email you before I receive the update. (before shows one action happens prior to the other or precedes the other)
Example: I’ll email you when I receive the update.
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