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English Lesson - Talking about household chores in English ( Free English speaking Lessons)

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English Lesson - Talking about household chores in English ( Free English speaking Lessons)

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We all feel a little lazy to do our household chores at times but it is the most important thing to do. It is important to keep our surrounding neat and tidy. In this English lesson you will learn some expressions to talk about the household chores that we need as a part of our daily routine.

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The two verbs that we use to talk about cleaning or creating something related to household chores are Do and Make

Below are the expressions :
1) Make the bed - Rearranging the bed and it's coverings neatly after waking up.

2) Beat the rug - Expression used to dusting out the rug when its dusty and dirty.

3) Dust the furniture - To clean the layer of dust that settles on the furniture.

4) Sweep the floor - To clean the dirt or litter on the floor with the help of a brush or broom

5) Mop the floor - To clean the floor with a mop by soaking it in the water with disinfectants.

6) Vacuum the carpet - To clean a dirty carpet with a vacuum cleaner

7) Set the table - To prepare a dining table for the meal.

8) Clear the table - To removes the dishes and the cutlery from the table after the meal

9) Put the food away - After clearing the table to put the left overs in a refrigerator

10) Do the dishes - To clean the dirty dishes

11) Clean the Stove or Sink - To tidy up the stove and cleaning a clogged sink.

Use these expressions when you are in the middle of cleaning your house.
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