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English phrases to describe 'Being Drunk' - Free Spoken English lessons

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English phrases to describe 'Being Drunk' - Free Spoken English lessons.

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In this English lesson you will learn some useful English phrases to describe someone is being drunk. It happens once in a while when you are with friends or family or at a party that you end up drinking too much ! When you or someone else is drunk ; it can be very entertaining for everyone around . In this lesson we will look at some fun & interesting phrases to describe "being drunk".

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1] Tipsy - means slightly drunk . This is used when someone is just beginning to feel the effects of their first few drinks. Generally this word is used for the ladies when they 'tipsy'; that is slightly drunk after the first few drinks .
Ex: When Sally gets tipsy .. she is very funny.

2]Buzzed - means drunk to the extent where one starts feeling the "buzz"in the head or becoming slightly unsteady on one's feet . This is mostly used for the men and its a state of drunkeness which is looked on as positive and most people enjoy the buzz and the aim of drinking in most cases is to get "buzzed".
Ex: John enjoys drinking till the point where he is buzzed or till the point when his head is buzzing.

3]One too many - means one has had more to drink than one can handle and that one is properly drunk.The literal meaning is that you have had one drink more than your limit and that one extra drink has made you lose control or pushed you to the tipping point.
Ex: It's best to keep Mel away from having "one too many' at a party

4] Wasted - means properly drunk . When one has had too much to drink is completely drunk , its called being wasted. In such cases , the person body and mind both start functioning slower than usual and the persons behaviour changes from his or her normal expected behaviour.
Ex : Rose got completely wasted on her birthday and passed out before the guests left.

5]Hammered - means very drunk … as if the alcohol has hit your system with a hammer :) . This is a state when the person loses all control because of the alcohol.
Ex: Ken was so hammered at the office party that he did not realise that he was being rude to his boss!

6] Plastered - (similar to hammered) - means very, very drunk!This is a state when the person loses all control because of the alcohol.
Ex: Ken got plastered at the office party and ended up being rude to his boss.

7]Blasted -( similar to hammered/plastered)- means very, very drunk .This is a state when the person loses all control because of the alcohol.
Ex : Ken got blasted at the office party and ended up bad -mouthing the boss.

8] Slurred /Slurring - means so drunk that one's speech becomes unclear .
This is a classic stereotype used in movies where the person is who is drunk is unable to speak clearly and starts "slurring" or mumbling his words .
Ex: Ben was slurring when asked Betty out ; so naturally she turned him down.

all of the above phrases can be used when talking informally , referring to a friend , family member or someone close .

Now lets look at phrases which can be used when we are talking about "being drunk" in a formal tone/manner.

9]Intoxicated - which literally means under the influence of a toxin which in this case is alcohol.This is a more formal term and can be used in a work/formal setting.
Ex: Mr. Jenner was warned by his boss against showing up intoxicated to work .

10] Inebriated - means totally drunk ; again this is a formal way of calling someone a "drunk".
Ex: Philip is well know for his inebriated ways /behaviour .

11]Under the influence - means drunk or under the influence of alcohol.This is a formal term and is used in official documents.
Ex: Its against the law to be driving under the influence .
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