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English Speaking Practice Lesson - 9 Best ways to say - "I understand you"

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English Speaking Practice Lesson - 9 Best ways to say - "I understand you"

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Hello thanks for clicking, my name is Emmelda. Let me tell you something that happened to me some time ago. I was flying to some place and I think a passenger got very irritated, he had some complaint and he was trying to tell his complaint to the steward and the steward's reaction was, yes sir I'm sorry I understand. Yes sir I understand I know how it feels and suddenly the passenger snapped, no you don't understand how it feels like. He was loud that everybody turned and looked at him. Point to note is, what do you think that aggravated his feeling? What do you think that added fuel to his already ignited brain? The word understand. You know if you keep repeating the same word, I understand, I understand to someone who is already very depressed or who is trying to make a point, repeating the same word actually makes you feel that you are insincere, you don't really what you are actually saying. So one of the ways to make your interaction or your acceptance more applicable or more welcomed is to use better words and many words for the same situation. Okay so if you have a friend who is crying or sobbing or if you have a friend who is trying to tell you something, just don't keep using the word, I understand, yes I understand. Don’t do that, it becomes very repetitive. so what are we going to learn today are few words or phrases that will help you replace the word understand and make you sound better.
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