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Family Fun Pack Q&A No 2

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We hit a BILLION views on YouTube today (8/7/15) THANK YOU all for watching!!!!
If you want to participate in the next Q&A that will take place in our new house, be sure to follow us in Instagram--I am FamilyFunPack and Matt is Daddy_Fun_Pack, Twitter (family fun pack) and Facebook (family fun pack). We make the announcement on those platforms and those are the places where you can submit your questions. Sorry if you don't have anything but YouTube, but for now that is how we are doing our Q&As. Thank you for all your submissions! we love you all so much!
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Family Fun Pack consists of Alyssa (Age 8), David (Age 7), Zac & Chris (Age 5),and their baby brother Michael (Age 2)- all born within 39 months of each other.! Our motto is "Fun with the family, every day"-- and we really stick to this!!
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