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FULL FACE Makeup using only FOOD !!!

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I did my full face only using food. I wanted to try this challenge because I always wondered how women in Jail and people back in times did their makeup. I know it came out a mess but I tried. I really wanted it to work. I honestly think the Cocoa screwed it up. The brows, liner, blush and highlight had great results. The skittles lips dried out and looked patchy orange and the contour was blotchy because of the peanut butter base. My skin felt a tad irritated and itchy after the video. So I wouldn't suggest trying most of these. It was fun though to be a guinea pig and show you all how it turned out Tell me what fun challenge should I do next?

Things I used:
Peanut butter
Olive Oil
Corn starch
Charcoal pill
Instant Coffee
Icing Glitter Bronze from Michael's

Thanks for Watching !!!
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