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Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for New Baristas and Coffee Enthusiasts for 2023!

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Welcome to the 2023 Holiday Gift Guides ????

Looking for the perfect gift for the aspiring barista in your life? We've got you covered! We have hand selected these products for someone just getting started in the coffee hobby OR just is looking for simple coffee upgrades.

???? Get the Maple Mocha Recipe:

What do you think of our picks?

Shop the lineup:
Philips 3200 LatteGo Stainless ▸▸ https://bit.ly/philips3200
Airscape Coffee Bean Canister - 32oz ▸▸ https://scg.click/airscape
Acme Evo Latte Cup ▸▸ https://bit.ly/acme-mugs
Acme Evo Demitasse ▸▸ https://scg.click/demitasse-cup
Fellow Eddy Steaming Pitcher ▸▸ https://scg.click/felloweddy
Tony's Coffee - Crew Brew Blend ▸▸ https://scg.click/CrewBrew
Camber Coffee - Moonrise Blend ▸▸ https://scg.click/camber-coffee

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