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How to Choose the Best Health Drinks: Health Hacks- Thomas DeLauer

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How to Choose the Best Health Drinks from Health Hacks with Thomas DeLauer is an in-depth look into 3 of the trendiest health drinks and the effects that they may have on your body.
Find out how they are generally made, their nutritional value, how they may affect the blood sugar and what they bring to the table where digestion is concerned. Learn valuable tips on Kambucha, cold-pressed juices, artificial sweeteners and more. Join Celebrity Trainer & Organic Foods Expert, Thomas DeLauer to learn how to stay healthy and keep on track toward your health and fitness goals. Thomas Creates Loads of Health and Fitness Videos, and you can get more of them at: If you found this video helpful, head on over and “like” Thomas’s facebook fan page at and subscribe to my channel on YouTube at the link below. I’ll see you there!
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