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HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH VOCABULARY: 50 Simple Tips to Improve and Expand Your Vocabulary in English

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Do you want to learn how to increase and expand your vocabulary in English?
Do you want to learn new words fast and efficiently?
With our 50 practical tips, you can dramatically build and expand your vocabulary words.

1. Read, read, read—and listen!
Reading literary works, newspapers and novels will expose you to words you would not encounter in everyday conversations. In a similar way, listening to news, and even audio books can greatly improve your vocabulary.

2. Track your vocabulary learning progress with your phone, or book
Keeping track of the vocabulary you have learned is an excellent way of ensuring that you are making progress. This will also keep you motivated to keep learning new words.

3. Have a word of the day
There are calendars, apps, and even websites that will give you a new vocabulary word every day to keep your vocabulary list growing over time.

4. Have a vocabulary list on the wall (at home or office)
Keeping a list of vocabulary around you wherever you are will ensure that you remember new words.

5. Play games!
Word games can be fun, and at the same time quite educational. So, play puzzles, word jumbles, Scrabble, and anagrams to learn new words in a fun way.

6. Have a dictionary and thesaurus around you
When you can find out the meaning of new words with ease with a dictionary or thesaurus, you can learn to use the new words you hear or see.

7. Practice!
Once you have heard or read a new vocabulary word, do not stop at knowing what it means; try using it in a sentence, preferably in a conversation.

8. Start a blog
Starting a blog has never been easier, and having a reason to write something every day by having a blog will inevitably result in growth in your vocabulary over time.

9. Translate words into your own language
When you try to translate vocabulary words into your own language, they are committed to your mind much faster. You will learn to use them better as well.

10. Learn about English (and American) culture
Taking an interest in the cultures of English-speaking countries, rather than the language alone, can greatly enhance your interest in the language and help you master English vocabulary faster.

11. Try vocabulary quizzes
When you test yourself, you will know whether you are making any progress or not. That is why vocabulary quizzes can be so helpful when learning English vocabulary.

12. Use English news broadcasts and other resources to hear new words in context
When you listen to people who are good in English using the language, you will master how the vocabulary is used much faster.

13. Correspond with an English pen friend
Having an English friend you exchange correspondence with can greatly improve your English skills and vocabulary based on the language he/she uses.

14. Write down new words
Whenever you hear or read new vocabulary, write it down. This makes it easier to remember in the future. This is also a great way to improve your English vocabulary.

15. Use pictures
Pictures can greatly enhance how fast you learn and memorize new words. So, try to learn vocabulary words and images associated with them.

16. Learn with other people
There are other people who are interested in learning new English vocabulary like you. You can join them and learn these words faster, and expose yourself to vocabulary you would not have found on your own.

17. Don’t be scared
Big words can be scary, but you should be excited to learn them and make an effort to use them if you are to broaden your English proficiency.

18. Associate a new word you learn with people and events
This technique will ensure that you remember the word and how to use it better in related contexts.

19. Use the new words in other sentences
When you learn a bunch of new words, try making sentences with them so that they stick. This will also improve your confidence when you are using them in the future.
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