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How To Make A Heart Wallet Out Of Clear Tape And Glitter - DIY Glitter Heart Wallet

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In this video I show how to make a heart-shaped glitter wallet made of clear packing tape. All you'll need is a clear tape, glitter and paper.
Here are few tips to make this DIY project:
make sure your paper hearts patterns are big enough for things you want to put into the wallet.
use different colors of paper and glitter. Gold, holographic, silver etc.
instead of sequins for the inner heart use little paper hearts, or hearts cut out of aluminum foil or any metallic candy or cookie wrapping :)
if it written or drawn something on your plastic bag with slider zipper (it is often written “date” on those bags, because they are good for food storage), you can remove it with nail polish remover.
if you have just one magnet – use a little coin as the second part of a fastener ;)
And the last one – you can make as many pockets inside as you need. Or even just an blank heart of tape for photo ;)
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