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How To Make Big Money With VIP Days S1E51

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What do you feel like saying when someone asks to "pick your brain" for advice, particularly if you're a business owner. No one likes to get ripped off, So how do you negotiate and flip the situation so that you can get what you need and transform free advice into a business opportunity?

Learning from Dan’s powerful strategies from reframing a request for free advice into a collaborative opportunity is an essential skill for sustaining and growing your high-ticket business.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 How can you turn your expertise, passion, and experience into an online income stream? Test drive Kajabi platform that Dan Lok is using and receives thousands of dollars worth of bonuses.
1:47What can you offer to your High Ticket Clients if they want to pick your brain to help them scale their High Ticket business?
2:56 Easy to sell, easy to fulfill and no preparation required, how does Dan do that and still make big money?
3:22Find out how Dan provides values and coaching to his High Ticket Clients during VIP Days that you can learn and implement.
4:44 Do you have difficulties filtering out your curiosity from the serious High ticket clients?
5:49 Get a bonus strategy from Dan on how you can create a sense of urgency for your high-ticket clients.
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