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How To Make Paper Flower Garlands | Kin Community

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_How To Make Paper Flower Garlands_

- Floral wire http://bit.ly/FloralWire
- White watercolor paper http://bit.ly/2b5MBA1
- Watercolors http://bit.ly/2bn11i6
- Paint brush set http://bit.ly/2bDCsxl
- Paper cutter/scissors
- Hot glue gun http://bit.ly/2brUOUr
- Command hooks http://bit.ly/2b6RlFS

Flower Petal Directions:
1. Cut out paper squares using watercolor paper. I cut 4” and 6” squares.
2. Watercolor each square. For the 6” squares I painted both sides.
3. Set aside and wait for them to dry.

Flower Stem Directions:
1. Cut wire into 8” pieces for the flower stems and 2” pieces for Flower 4.
2. Take the end of each 8” piece and wrap around the end of the paint brush a few times to create the center of the flower.

Light Flower 1 Directions:
1. Take the 6” squares (painted on both sides) and cut out a spiral.
2. Trim off the square edges.
3. Starting with the end of the spiral twist tightly.
4. Loosen as desired and add a drop of glue to each layer to hold.
5. Run the wire through the center and glue to hold.

Light Flower 2 Directions:
1. Take the 4” square and fold in half (corner to corner).
2. Repeat the fold twice so that it’s folded 3 times. Do this to 3 of the 4” pieces.
3. Cut a tiny part of the end corner off and then trim from there creating a narrow teardrop shape. Unfold to reveal the flower.
4. Layer the three pieces and glue each together. Run the stem through and add a drop of glue to secure.

Light Flower 3 Directions:
1. Do this to 4 of the 4” pieces. Take a 4” square and fold in half (corner to corner) 3 times.
2. Cut a tiny part of the end corner off and then round the top.
3. Cut off a petal- 3 petals of each flower.
4. Using a pencil or the paint brush gently around each edge of the petals.
5. Glue each layer starting with the largest at the bottom. Insert the stem through the center and add glue to hold.

Light Flower 4 Directions:
1. Wrap a 2” wire around the 8” wire.
2. Cut out 3 small circles from one 4” piece.
3. Cut to center of circle.
4. Wrap in a cone and glue together and slide on the wire.
5. Repeat for the next 2 circles.

Assembly Directions:
1. Wrap all flowers around each other to create a vine.
2. String on the wall for bedroom décor, party décor, etc!


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