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How To Start Computer Hardware Business - Start Today

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http://www.SteveKung.com - How to start computer hardware business

Watch this video today. I started my first computer business in 1983. After more than 30 years, I’ve learned a lot of important Do's & Don'ts that I will share with you today in this video on How to start computer hardware business. One most important thing you have to do, is that you must OVER capitalize your business because it will never fail. In 1983, I started with $70K cash and a revolving line of credit for $260K, and I had enough capital to cover 24 months of overhead with zero sales. I could not have failed. How could I not have zero sales in 24 months. I never needed that line of credit.

After 30+ years, I can tell you very firmly that computer is not a very well situated business to be in. Too much overhead, staffing headaches, merchant disputes. In this video on How to start computer hardware business, you will find the two new home based business I started this year.

One is the Dubli E-commerce online shopping portal which gives consumers cash back on all of their online purchases, while they are shopping from the same companies that they have been shopping from. This business costs less than $3k to start and you can guarantee to earn more than $6-7 figure income in 20 months. Like I said in this video on How to start computer hardware business, follow me on this guaranteed success business.
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