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How to Talk About Transport and Driving in English - Spoken English Lesson

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In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about transport and driving in English.
What’s the best way to get around your hometown? Do you drive often? What public transport do you use regularly? In this lesson, you’ll see how to answer these questions—and many others—in clear, correct English.
How do you get around your hometown? What are the advantages or disadvantages of different forms of transport where you live? Don't forget to let us know in the comments!
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1. Getting Around 1:02
2. Talking About Public Transport 4:14
3. Talking About Driving 8:40
4. Talking About Air Travel 13:24
This lesson will help you:
- Understand useful phrases to express how you travel around.
- Learn how to talk about public transport in English.
- Get vocabulary to talk about driving in English.
- Talk about air travel in English using clear, useful phrases and vocabulary.
- Improve your English conversation to be able to talk about transport and driving in English.
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