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HTC One M8 for Windows Review (60-Second Edition)

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Learn more about the HTC One M8 for Windows. See our full review at Pocketnow!
There are folks out there who don’t have the time for a ten-minute video or a 3,000-word review, and they certainly don’t have an hour to absorb a meandering podcast (no matter how many awards it’s won). These people might be sneaking a quick YouTube fix on a bathroom break, trying to make a point to a rival smartphone owner at a bar, or even standing in line at a wireless retail store, waiting to make a purchase. They need the facts delivered quickly, with a minimum of window dressing and a firm conclusion in as little time as possible.
For them, we’ve created the 60-Second Review, a minute-long video format made in the spirit of the Pocketnow TLDR. To borrow a well-worn slogan, it’s a review to get you “in, out, and back to life.” And at the end of every episode, we offer a link to the full-length video if you find yourself wanting more.

The HTC One M8 for Windows is a rarity in our hyper-customized mobile world: a smartphone that made its official debut on another platform before being ported –without any modification– to the land of Live Tiles. That in and of itself makes the One M8 for Windows worthy of a few close passes, and today we're taking you on the abridged tour of the world's hottest, sleekest, most aluminum Windows Phone in our 60-second HTC One M8 for Windows review!
Join us as we quickly touch on the bare essentials of what makes the new M8 hot – and not so hot. From the droolworthy build quality to the big, boss BoomSound speakers, the Windows One has a lot going for it ... but the hardware isn't without its drawbacks, and neither is the software running atop it. No smartphone is perfect, of course – but just how close does this latest Windows Phone get, relative to its competition? Find out in the 60-second smartphone review below, and then click on over to our full review at Pocketnow. Enjoy!
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