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I'm a hypercritical parent projecting my insecurities

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Complete transcript:
Parent: I'm a hypocritical parent. You missed a spot.

Child: I've noticed.

Parent: I've noticed crippling insecurities within myself and I'm not aware that I project those insecurities onto you through criticizing even little things.

Child: You say you want the best for me, but I feel like nothing is ever good enough. 

Parent: I do want what's best for you. I just don't understand that what would really be best for you is a safe secure relationship with me.  One where you can make mistakes and explore and just be silly, that's how you develop confidence and a sense of self, not through constant criticism. 

Child: So how will this impact me? 

Parent: Well you're gonna spend much of your adult life just trying to prove yourself. Trying to be the best at everything. Until one day you wake up and don't really know whose life you're living, and why you're so unhappy. But, instead of being kind to yourself, you'll be hypocritical of yourself because I'm the voice in your head.
The Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole Lepera
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