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Improve English Vocabulary - Stop Saying ‘BAD’ -10 Other Ways To Say BAD | English Speaking Practice

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Improve English Vocabulary - Stop Saying ‘BAD’ - Learn 10 Other Ways To Say BAD in English | English Speaking Practice #englishocabulary #englishspeakingpractice #learnenglish

We always use the word BAD while speaking English to describe something that is not good, but sometimes things are not as bad or are really very bad, so how do you describe such things in daily spoken English. For that you need to learn new English Words, that fit in perfectly to a situation. In this English speaking Practice lesson with Niharika yo will learn 10 other ways to say ‘BAD’. Beginners in English use limited English vocabulary that keeps them away from speaking Fluent English. If you want to speak English fluently and confidently it is imperative to learn new English words and use them in your daily English conversations.

This English lesson would help you to improve your English by learning advanced English words and example sentences that are used in daily spoken English. You are watching this English Lesson on Let’s Talk - A library of more than 1300+ free English speaking videos to speak English fluently and confidently. We have English training videos for Learning Grammar, English conversation in the real world, IELTS speaking test, Tips to improve English communication sills, Improving Pronunciation to speak clear English, American and British English lessons and Accent Training that would help you take your English to the next level.

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