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iPhone 14 Plus One Month Later - Apple's Bigger Picture?

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This is the iPhone 14 Plus, What Apple calls as the Bigger version of 14, and what I'm gonna call as the iPhone that's made me the most torn when it comes to picking a daily driver.

So here's the deal. I've already used the 12 Pro Max for a year, and while the experience was, it wasn’t necessarily my favorite. I picked it because it had the best cameras of the time, but as much as I also wanted a larger phone, I did find it a bit too heavy for my taste. iPhones have always been the personal work horse that I use most for a couple of reasons. They do the best video, and they also handle Social media apps better, so as a creator I always need to carry one even if I’m reviewing another phone. I solved my needs for the best cameras on a lighter build last year with the iPhone 13 Pro, but then I landed into a bit of a personal problem.

See, I wasn't expecting that since I'm now in my 40s (and thank you for that surprised look on your face) the idea of carrying a larger phone was gonna be better than needing to carry reading glasses. It left me wanting an iPhone with the screen size of the Pro Max, but the weight of the smaller Pro, and it turns out that this iPhone 14 Plus is actually lighter than both. The only question left is if the things its missing will make or break the experience. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and after two weeks of use, let me tell you more about my experience in our full review

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