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iPhone Air names, Galaxy F design, Android Wear comments & more - Pocketnow Daily Recap

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Pocketnow Daily gets an average of 300 to 500 comments a day, and sometimes even a thousand. We'd like to thank you all for participating in our question of the day, and we love your feedback so much, that we decided that since we can't respond to ever single one of your comments, we should at least feature a couple in a weekly video.

This is the Pocketnow Daily Recap. Since we only have 3 minutes on every Daily video to go through the hottest news, the weekly recap will serve as a more extensive discussion where we also include your thoughts on the subject. Sadly, for the sake of time, we can't guarantee that your comment will be featured, but if you want some tips on what we look for the most:

1. Keep it short
2. Stick to the point
3. Try to get some likes on your comments, which usually happen if you nail the first two tips above

We hope to make this a weekly show, and we also hope you enjoy it as much as we love reading your thoughts and comments every day.


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