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Irregular Plurals: The 110 Most Common Irregular Plural Nouns in English

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To make the plural of an English word, you add an "s" or "-es," right? Well ... sometimes. English has a lot of irregular plurals—maybe more than any other language. And there's no way to learn them except to memorize them: they don't follow any particular pattern.

Why should this be? Why not make the plural the same way each time? The answer to this is complicated, but basically English has borrowed words from many languages, including French, German, and Latin. And all three of these, plus other sources of English, follow different rules for plurals. So English has often kept the original spellings and pronunciations.

Fortunately, we've made a big list of irregular plurals. So you can watch this video on your phone while you're in line somewhere, and all of a sudden that line becomes not an annoyance, but an opportunity. Are you ready?

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