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Learn Basic English Numbers&Counting 10 - fun kids English conversation lesson with Pumkin.com

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http://pumkin.com is a complete kids English learning course: Kids can study English lessons in a virtual english world full of fun English learning games, kids English activities, fun English puzzles, basic English quizzes&test, and much more for children to learn English.• Learn simple English conversations in context using singular plural verb 'to be' is/are.• Learn basic English conversations in context using common 'there is...' and 'there are..' with this funny English learning video .• Each English lesson is part of a complete beginners English Course designed to take a young English learner from beginner to the intermediate english level.• Native English speakers teach correct English pronunciation and intonation in this basic English lesson on counting and number.• Kids Online English Channel teaches Children English as a Second and Foreign Language (ESL&EFL).• A fun and effective English lesson to help kids learn Basic English Conversation Online.
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