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In this American English lesson, I’ll show you how to learn English vocabulary using real American English conversation as your training material! We’re studying news about the lifeguard shortage in America. When you learn English vocabulary in the context of an actual conversation or topic you’re much more likely to learn the correct pronunciation (AND you’re more likely to remember the vocabulary words!). You’ll learn lots of terms and words, and the practice you’ll get is key. By studying this way, you’ll deepen your understanding of these English vocabulary words and American English phrases and feel confident in how you’re pronouncing them! This free English lesson is intended to help moderate and advanced students of English work on their American English pronunciation and build their vocabulary. I really hope you enjoy it!

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Link to the original GMA story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jUVMGVTzhI

Academic Word List Vocabulary: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrqHrGoMJdTRXGKFGznG5xhQAuR2pURVh

00:00 Introduction
00:07 Topic: Lifeguard shortage in the US
00:20 Sounds of American English Cheat Sheet
00:42 Nation-wide
01:37 Shortage
01:55 Thanks for joining my Youtube Membership program
02:24 Run short on / Run low on
02:57 Up and down
03:18 Manned
03:50 Staff
04:38 Twice as many
05:14 Urgent
05:52 Unguarded
06:42 Synonym for shortage
06:56 A lack of something
07:13 Critical
07:27 Critial thinking
07:54 Critical Acclaim
08:29 No substitute for something
09:01 Safety chain
09:48 Hire and certify
10:36 Flocking
11:18 Staffing shortages
12:03 Eager
12:29 Struggling to stay afloat
13:31 Payroll
14:35 Them, they
15:40 Critical definition
16:09 Struck
16:35 On duty
17:23 Overestimating their abilities
17:47 Drone
17:57 Unmanned
19:02 Vantage point
19:30 Check out RachelsEnglishAcademy.com

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Improve your American Accent / spoken English at Rachel's English with video-based lessons and exercises. Rachel uses real life English conversation as the basis for teaching how to speak English and how to sound American -- improve listening comprehension skills. Study English vocabulary and English phrases such as phrasal verbs, as well as common expressions in English. Learn American idioms and American slang.

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