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Learn Potty Training with Little Mommy Gotta Go Baby Doll Real Loving Baby by Fisher-Price

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YouTube toy channel Disney Collector presents Little Mommy Gotta Go Real Loving Baby Doll from Fisher-Price. This is the perfect doll to help your daughter with potty training "Real Loving Baby Doll" and "Little Mommy, Gotta Go" are for babies & toddlers over 18 months old. Comes with her own bathroom, where your daughter can play mommy by helping her use the toilet, brush her teeth, wash her hands and more. Includes a toilet, sink, 2 bathroom shelves, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, cup, soap dispenser, and towel. 027084542783.

Give the gift that makes both babies & toddlers happy this holiday. This potty training doll helps yout daughter learn the importancy of becoming potty trained with the no water and no mess. Just like a real toddler baby, this Doll does “number 1” and “number 2!” on her very own small potty, with realistic pee poop sounds!. The doll can flush, knows to wash her hands and loves to do all the things a big girl does when she gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night. The bathroom area features potty, sink, towel and more. Don't forget to flush the toilet. Over 60 phrases such as:

"gotta wash my hands"
"I brush my teeth every day"
"Mommy, I love you"
"I went pee pee in the potty"
"Time to brush my teeth"

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