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Lesson 14: Basic English Emotions Grammar Cartoon by Pumkin.com "Why are you ___?"

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http://pumkin.com presents: English EMOTIONS&FEELINGS grammar cartoon.• Teaches 3rd person questions: "What is she/he doing?"&"What are they doing?"&"Why is she/he ____-ing?"&"Why are they ____-ing?"• Teaches how to answer the above question: "She/he is ____-ing."&"They are ___-ing."&"She/he is ___-ing because she/he is _____."&"They are ___-ing because they are _____."• e.g., "Why is she running?" // "She is running because she is scared."• Useful English learning videos&cartoons for children.• The next video in this series will teach how to use these sentence patterns in conversation.
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