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Meet Aravind from India who quit OpenAI to disrupt Google

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How will the New-Gen Search Engine look like? Let's find out together with Aravind Srinivas who came from India to USA to disrupt the online search with AI

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00:00 - Meet Aravind from India who is trying disrupt Google
03:07 - The world’s best AI educational program
03:55 - How can AI help you create content?
05:22 - Why Aravind decided to start a company?
08:07 - The next big thing
09:43 - How Aravind found first investors and Perplexity co-founders?
14:18 - “We just didn’t know how to run a company at all”
16:00 - People use Perplexity as Google Replacement
18:24 - The complete flip of the Google UI
23:13 - Does AI hinder the ability of people to think critically?
25:00 - More than 10 million active users around the world?
26:16 - Is Perplexity profitable?
27:54 - Can you find illegal information on Perplexity?
32:02 - What if Google launches the same search tomorrow?
33:52 - 5 axes to be a reliable startup

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