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Microsoft Paint Tutorial | 5,000 Subscriber Special!

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5,000 subs! Wow. I am totally aware of the irony here; I spent 4 days making this video because I have the attention span of a toddler and by the time I was done my subscriber base had almost tripled. Seriously, thank you so much for that, it's super encouraging to get as much support as I've gotten in the past week, and only motivates me even more to continue filming myself taking massive shits and posting them to this website.

This video was requested (probably as a joke but who cares) by a few people, and so I made it. If you're here because you wanted to watch a sincere tutorial about the ins and outs of Microsoft Paint, two things:
1. You've come to the wrong place
2. There's like 3 buttons in Paint I'm sure you can figure it out

Thanks for watching and subscribing. I feel the power of the Drew Gooders growing exponentially each day, and it won't be long before we are such a menace to society that the government feels the need to intervene.

This week’s drinking game: take a shot every time I say “of course”

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The good music at the end is by my good friend, not by me. I ain't tryna take credit for somethin i ain't did.

Webster's dictionary defines "video description" as a description for a video. Not very helpful if you ask me. Anyway if you're still reading this, comment your astrological sign so I can make fun of you for believing in that shit lol.
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