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Minimalist, everyday makeup using only CLEAN makeup brands | ALI ANDREEA

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Hi everyone,
This video is all about clean makeup ! I can’t say I know too much about clean makeup but I’m willing to learn about it and this is my first video sharing only clean makeup brands !
Thank you so much for watching !

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Products mentioned :

Lilah B AGlow Priming Oil https://bit.ly/2MPqxSG
Ilia Lip Wrap Hydrating Lip Mask https://bit.ly/39pPlIK
Westman Atelier in color II https://bit.ly/35zTAAj
Madara Bright Perfecting Concealer t.ly/Oekc
La Bouche Rouge Powder Brush ( used for foundation ) https://bit.ly/3bv4eMw
RMS Burity Cream Bronzer https://bit.ly/39t6fWH
La Bouche Rouge Eyebrow Pencil ( not available yet )
La Bouche Rouge Brow Brush https://bit.ly/3smlmKf
Lilah B Blush in B Real https://bit.ly/35z8Hd7
Ilia Bronzing Powder in Dawn In https://bit.ly/3bzDw5o
La Bouche Rouge Highlighter La Lumiere t.ly/2HMG
La Bouche Rouge Mascara t.ly/v7lM
Ilia Liquid Powder Eye Tint in Gleam https://bit.ly/35BPSpN and Fresco https://bit.ly/35yDMOh
La Bouche Rouge Lipliner in Nude t.ly/EBgS
Dear Dahlia Lipstick Kate 809 https://bit.ly/3by4F8X
Ilia Balmy Gloss in Only You https://bit.ly/35z9Gdj

15% OFF Tarte Cosmetics with code ALIANDREEA15 https://bit.ly/3nKTnkD
15% OFF at CINCO for all jewelry with code ALIANDREEA15 https://apprl.com/al/5ZLR/
15% OFF Rephr Brushes with code “Andreea”

How to do the eyeliner for hooded eyes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1gkEV6yygE&t=8s

How to Clean Brushes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsyVemKxVvA&t=2s

How I grew my hair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAnVe30_Nwo&t=16s

The Only Brushes you Will Need https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtvH-0QjJcM&t=4s

Shop through these affiliate links to support my channel:
Chanel: https://bit.ly/2FFfkAI
Dior: https://bit.ly/35ZCZa5
Sephora: https://bit.ly/3aqAVXK
Cult Beauty: https://bit.ly/2CpQOSI
Nordstrom: https://bit.ly/2RSLIT6
Glossier: https://bit.ly/3cnC6t6
Beautybay: https://bit.ly/3cv85aP
Elemis: https://bit.ly/3hUJH3q

DISCLAIMER:: This video is NOT sponsored! Some of the links I’m using are affiliate links !

About me:
Age: 35
Height: 5’1 ( 154cm)
Skin Type: combination, acne prone skin.
Skin Color ( when I do not have self tan on ) : Light medium with olive undertone
Skin color ( when I have self tan on) : Light medium/ Medium with warm undertone
Fashion & Beauty
Ali andreea, clean makeup, minimal makeup
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