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Misery Business Sims 2

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I Do not own the music, all rights reserved.
The Song:
Misery Business By Paramore
The Inspiration:
I wanted to make a new sims 2 video with more effects and things so this is what I came up with
The Game:
Sims 2 :)
The editing: Windows movie maker, Presto!Video works and photoshop
Special thanks:
In credits
The characters:
Marnie( goth girl )
Alexa (Preppy girl)
Mum- Tracy
Dad - Allen
Friends of Alexa:
Tanya and Aleesha
Punk boy - Zach
Preppy/normal boy - Tom
Alexas Boyfriend - Scott
Cheat girl - Tina
The story (spoilers):
The plot is quite simple, two twin sisters who are very different; one is a 'preppy' teen and the other is a 'goth', they used to get along fine and like being the same but due to their parents break up when they were young they don't get on as well now.
One day Marnie has a freaky dream in which her sister gives her a 'preppy makeover' and it scares her, she hates pink! But that nightmare triggers thoughts of her life and she realises she needs to talk with Alexa, she goes to Alexas room but Alexa is crying...
A flashback shows Alexa going to meet her boyfriend but he's there with another girl called Tina and her doesn't see her there and its apparent he's cheating on Alexa.
Alexa wants to change and the nightmare Marnie has gives her inspiration for her plan...

Watch the end to find out want happens (even though its rather obvious :P)
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