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Monday Q&A - Navigating Chaos, Finding Peace, Free Energy & More

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This week we gathered the questions (thanks for asking them!) and as you might imagine people are feeling many of the same emotions and have similar questions. We're in a moment where we're trying to make sense of many layers to life, and it seems turning inward and to community are the most powerful ways we can do this.

We explored:

- How to find peace in these uncertain times
- How to resist mandatory vaccines
- How to examine our underlying worldviews
- What we can do to create new system models
- Latest updates on an emerging 'free energy' device

Much of how we approach things here is to look at specifics (the micro) but also take a step back into a more abstract or big picture perspective. How can we explore why we're thinking the way we are? What is driving our emotions or beliefs about something we do in the face of facts we don't want to believe?

With these questions and insights, we can then dive back into the micro with a new lens.
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