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More than just a toothache: how to tackle the huge costs of poor oral health

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What’s the health condition that affects us all, but is often seen as an add-on for healthcare - and how much is this neglect costing the economy?

Oral diseases affect half the world's population and, according to a new report, have knock-on costs to the economy worth $710 billion every year.

Marko Vujicic of the American Dental Association joins us to discuss 'The Economic Rationale for a Global Commitment to Invest in Oral Health'.

The Economic Rationale for a Global Commitment to Invest in Oral Health: https://www.weforum.org/publications/the-economic-rationale-for-a-global-commitment-to-invest-in-oral-health/

Half the world is affected by oral disease – here’s how we can tackle this unmet healthcare need: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2024/05/oral-health-crisis-global-equity-affordable-dental-care/

Global Health Equity Network: https://initiatives.weforum.org/global-health-equity-network/ (https://initiatives.weforum.org/global-health-equity-network/home)
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