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Phrasal Verbs with 'To Run' - English Grammar lesson

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Phrasal Verbs with 'To Run' - English Grammar lesson
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In today's lesson we will looks at some phrasal verbs with the verb 'to run'. Phrasal Verbs are mainly used in speech and informal texts.

1) Run after - To chase/ to Pursue

Example - I ran after the bus but it didn't stop.
Example - The cops ran after the thief.
2) Run around - To run around an area

Example - The kids ran around the neighborhood.
Another meaning for this phrasal verb is - To be very busy doing things.
Example - I spent all day running around trying to find the right things for the party.
3) Run into someone/something - To meet someone unexpectedly

Example - I ran into some old friends at the bar last night.
Another meaning is - to bump into something
Example - I drove off the road and ran into the tree.
4) Run through - Quick review

Example - Let me run through your travel itinerary.
It also means - To quickly rehearse or practice for a performance or presentation.
Example - Lets run through our play before our final performance.
5) Run over - To collide or to knock down someone or something

Example - I almost ran over a dog on the highway last week.
It also means - To go beyond limit .
Example - The meeting ran over by 30 minutes.
6) Run out of - To have none left

Example - We ran out of gas.
Example - We ran out of beer at the party last night.
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