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Productivity apps for people who hate productivity apps

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Today, I'll share my favorite productivity apps that all of us have on our phones. You will learn all the tips and tricks that help me stay productive.

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I have two Google Calendars: the first one is my personal calendar (to which no one has access), and the second calendar is open to a lot of members on my team. This removes a lot of unnecessary communication, and helps so much when we are all working remotely. I have very clear instructions for all the team members that create tasks in my calendar.

When it comes to messengers, I use Telegram for work (notifications are turned off on all my devices because I have a work schedule), WhatsApp is for family only. I use iMessage and Facebook Messenger when I talk to my American friends.

I use the standard iPhone app for Notes. Lately, I have really been enjoying hand-writing notes on my iPad using an Apple Pencil. I use Notes when I'm taking a new course, writing posts for my Instagram or creating a to-do list.

When it comes to company calls, I minimize them to a couple calls per week, and prepare for every single one of them in order to not waste time chatting about nothing.

I prefer Zoom over Skype. I really like the privacy you have because people can't follow up with you after the call. I also like that when you schedule a call with someone, it automatically goes into the calendar.

When it come to social networks, the problem is that they are created in such way that you always want to check it. I unfollowed almost everyone on my main Instagram account, and the remaining 33 people are muted. So, I get bored pretty fast there, and this saves me so much time. I have a second profile where I follow all my friends, and I don't sign in there more than once a day. I used to spend 2-3 hours on Instagram every day, but now, it's no longer than 40 minutes. I use this time to create content and interact with my audience.

Twitter has become my favorite social network because I follow a lot of talented people from Silicon Valley - people who work for big corporations, so they sort the news for me. This way, I can keep up with business and political news. To see who I follow, got to my Twitter @linguamarina

As a creator, I use YouTube Studio to check the comments and see how the video is performing.

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