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Pronounce 106 Most Difficult English Words: Advanced English Lesson

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Learn how to pronounce the top 106 most difficult words in English with Vanessa. Do you know how to pronounce through? Throughout? Girl? World? Entrepreneur? Learn in this lesson!

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Review this lesson:
1:50 Homophones (buy, bye)
5:42 TH words (throughout, thorough)
8:34 Short A/E (man, men)
10:40 Short I/Long E/Short E (bit, beat, bet)
13:50 Stopped T (important, forgotten)
15:55 T to D (literally, water)
16:52 RL words (girl, world)
18:03 R and L (arrive, alive)
19:03 Silent letters (receipt, different)
20:00 Miscellaneous words (entrepreneur)


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