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Scott Galloway Says Robinhood App & Tesla Going Bankrupt!

Scott Galloway took to his twitter over the weekend and made a post saying that the Robinhood app and Tesla will lose 80% of their value or completely disappear. I believe Scott Galloway is completely wrong on this subject. I don't think he realizes that amount of data Tesla is collecting with the model 3 and other cars. I don't think he has realized Tesla has scaled into a massive company quite nicely over the past few years.
Scott Galloway is supposed to be a marketing expert, but im not so sure. Has he ever realized that Tesla get 100s of millions of dollars in free advertising each year? I dot think I have ever seen a company get as much free advertising as Tesla. Having a celebrity CEO in Elon Musk definitely helps.
In terms of the Robinhood app it is somewhat unlikely they would ever disappear. They have made so much market share over the years and now the millennial money generation are loyal users of the Robinhood app. The chances they would just leave the Robinhood app in mass is pretty unlikely.
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