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The "Best Smartphone Camera" Isn't What You Think | Pocketnow Weekly 167

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Only in the midst of iPhone-and-Nexus season could a week with three reviews, a new smartwatch, and looming launches from huge OEMs be called a "lull." But we'll take the breathers where we can get 'em. On the heels of our Huawei Watch review, a new Pebble joins the fray; on the eve of our OnePlus 2 review, LG teases a weird phone with a weirder video; and as Android Pay finally starts rolling out to US smartphones, Samsung's competitor isn't far behind.
We'll talk about all that, plus get a lesson in smartphone optics and tackle your listener mail in episode 167 of the Pocketnow Weekly. Watch the video broadcast from 1:00pm Eastern on September 24, or check out the high-quality audio version the Monday after we broadcast. And don't forget to shoot your listener mail to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air!
Pocketnow Weekly 167
Recording Date
September 24, 2015
Michael Fisher
Stephen Schenck
TJ Donegan (Reviewed.com)
Jules Wang
Podcast Rundown
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Learn Something
Smartphone cameras: they've all but replaced the point-and-shoots in the pockets of the everyperson, and they've gotten so good that each successive generation seems to bring only moderate improvement. With a new generation of iPhones hitting the streets, a new wave of reviews has arrived, many of them touting Apple's camera as the best ever. TJ Donegan, Editor-in-Chief of Reviewed.com and camera expert, joins us in this segment to dispel some of the myths surrounding the "best" smartphone cameras out there, while giving us a refresher on the basics of smartphone photography in the process.
LG Nexus 5X prototype visits Geekbench with average specs in tow / Previous specs reconfirmed / Latest renders land
Nexus 6P leak reveals four color options / Retail picture leak too
Pebble Time Round is the company's first circular smartwatch
Samsung Pay hits ₩35B in its first month in S Korea
Microsoft Lumia 950XL render drops with callouts for features
LG teases V10 in weird video
BlackBerry Venice will become "Priv" at launch
Listener Mail
E-mailed submissions from Liam, Chris and WOLF

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