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To the daughter who protected your family

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Complete Transcript:
Watch this if you were the daughter who protected your family

Therapist: Well you were the oldest daughter and you had to be the protector of the family even though all you felt was unsafe.
Daughter: Yep, I had to make sure that my parents and siblings were okay. And then I was told that I was mature for my age. But really I was forced into becoming a little adult.
Therapist: and who was protecting you?
Daughter: No one really.
Therapist: Can you connect a lot of your perfectionism, anxiety, and your history of taking love in the form of breadcrumbs. Comes from the fact that you're expected to be everything to everyone.
Daughter: Yeah, I'm always trying to fix everything. Even now my parents or my sister have an issue, everyone looks to me to fix it. I'm exhausted. I wanna think about myself and my needs, but really it makes me feel like I'm selfish.
Therapist: Of course it does, but I want you to be aware that it's actually selfish for everyone to look to you to take care of them. You're not responsible for everything that happens to everyone in your family. You weren't responsible as a child, you had no choice. And now you're an adult and you can heal and finally take a step back and protect and take care of you.
The Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole Lepera
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