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Trump apologises to Kavanaugh: BBC News Review

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The story
President Trump has apologised on behalf of the American people to the newly appointed US Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh for what he called the campaign of political and personal destruction that the judge had had to endure.
on behalf of
as a representative for; instead of
• I did the wedding speech on behalf of my father as he was too emotional
• I’ve heard the opinions of my organisation. I’m here to speak on their behalf.
made up
imaginary, false, invented
• Your excuses are always made up! You never tell the truth!
• Neil thinks that the Loch Ness Monster is just a made-up story.
a situation or event which is false or misleading
• The job interviews were a charade. They had chosen who they wanted in advance.
• He always pretends he can’t afford dinner so I have to pay! It’s such a charade!
Language challenge
The accused man was put ____.
a) on trial
b) in trial
c) at trial
The answer is given at the end of the video.
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