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Tucket the Bucket: Learn English (IND) with subtitles - Story for Children "BookBox.com"

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Tucket is tossed into a corner due to his hole. Watch him become the garden favorite again.
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Tucket the Bucket
By Kuzhali Manickavel
Tucket was the saddest bucket
in the world.
He had once been
a garden favorite.
The gardener
used to swing him
by his strong handle
as he went to fetch water.
“What a good bucket,” he said.
But as time passed,
Tucket the bucket grew a hole.
Suddenly he was useless.
What good is a bucket
with a hole?
Tucket was tossed into the corner
of the garden.
He was left out in the rain
and the sun, and began to rust.
he even got kicked around.
“I should throw that bucket away”,
the gardener muttered.
Tucket didn’t want to be
thrown away.
He felt very sad,
though his good friends
in the garden
tried to cheer him up.
The squirrels set him back up
when he was kicked down,
and the birds
cheerfully flapped about him.
“Don’t worry, Tucket!”
they chirped soothingly.
Tucket really tried to be happy
but it was very, very hard.
One day, a little girl
ran through the garden
and stopped in front of Tucket.
He sighed
and waited for the usual kicks,
when suddenly he heard:
Soon he found himself
blinking and spluttering
under the garden hose.
The girl was cleaning him!
He felt heavy chunks of rust
fall off
and his spirits brightened.
“Oh! You already have a big hole
at the bottom!” said the girl
as she peered inside.
“Even better!”
Tucket could not believe
what he had just heard.
She wanted a bucket with a hole?
The girl
took him to the veranda,
filled him with rich soil
and planted a tiny rose inside.
“This is a baby rose,”
she said to Tucket.
“You must help me
take care of her, OK?”
Tucket was so happy.
The girl really wanted him!
She even asked him
to take care of this small rose.
Tucket nearly burst with joy.
He straightened himself up
as the girl finished planting.
She carefully placed Tucket
in the best spot of the veranda.
It was a cozy corner,
protected from the wind
and the rain.
Tucket winked
and smiled at his friends
in the garden.
I’m taking care of this little rose!”
“We’re very happy
for you, Tucket!”
chattered the squirrels,
and the birds chirped happily.
took great care of the rose
and was visited by the girl
and his friends every day.
He was now
the happiest bucket
in the world.

Illustrations: Charudatta Prabhu Desai
Music & Art Direction: Holger Jetter
Animation: BookBox
Narration: Ashwin Kumar Aiyangar

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