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UpLink: Scaling Local Innovation for Sustainable Development | Sustainable Development Summit 2020

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What are the most promising grassroots innovations that have the potential to accelerate global progress on the Sustainable Development Goals?

Discover and debate how to scale up:
1. Medical advancements to fight COVID
2. Solutions to safeguard life on land
3. Action to protect life below water

This session supports the ongoing work of the World Economic Forum's UpLink community: https://uplink.weforum.org

Speakers: Jane Goodall, Dominic Kailash Nath Waughray, Klaus Schwab, Ece Bal, Angeline Chen, Wajiha Khalid, Ismael Essome Ebone, Okka Phyo Maung, Roger Larsen, Olivier Michel, Karen Scofield Seal, Sheikh Ahsan Tariq, Inés Yábar, Khailee Ng, Michele Parmelee, Simon Mulcahy, Beau Milliken, Sarah Downes, Hannes Klöpper, Alexei Levene, Neha Verma, Caitlin Dolkart, Nicole Bishop, Luis Santiago, Edem Adzogenu, Eren Bali, Ana Monteverde, Markus Kling, Jean Kyula, Jordan Masys, Arup Roy-Burman, Georgie Benardete, David 'Ezra' Jay, Samar Sikka, Lisa Walker, Andrew Mahar, John Ward-Zinski, Diego Saez-Gil, Susan Graham, Sara Czarniecki, Elise van Middelem, John Leary, Aaron Gillett, Arianna Huff, Sarah Scott, Thomas Canguilhem, Charles Bavington, Declan Mc Adams, Pascal Fröhlicher, Catarina Schwab, Tomaz Levak, François Bonnici, Arnaud Bernaert, Susanne Andreae, Rob Kaplan, Sophie Wood

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