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Valentines Q&A With Nick | Dominique Sachse

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I’m joined by my husband, Nick, in a special Valentine's video where we talk about blended families, secrets to a happy lasting marriage, and even intimacy questions! Wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Time Codes:
How we met and blended family -
00:00 - Intro
01:11 - How did you meet? Just curious, and I love hearing people's stories.
04:43 - Tell us how he proposed and did you see it coming?
06:49 - What’s your relationship like with each other’s children? What's their relationship like with each other? How do you “prepare” for a blended family? What are key steps to take? Is it “your” children or “our”? What are the boundaries you put in place with parenting each other’s children? So parent together or “separately”
09:09 - Would you still have married each other if the kids weren’t on board?
10:15 - Boundaries put into place for parenting each other’s children
12:17 - Was the transition of becoming a step-parent hard for you?? If so, how did you get through that transition?
15:05 - Did you move into a new home after you were married or did you move into Nick’s home? Any adjustment issues with that? How did you make it feel like “ our home” and not “ his home”?
18:03 - Did all the kids have chores?

Individual and couple questions -

19:32 - In what ways are y’all similar & in what ways are you different? And do those differences ever cause conflict?
22:44 - Who has the better sense of humor?
23:34 - What’s your secret to a great marriage?
26:34 - How old is Nick and what does he do for a living?
27:50 - I would love to know a little more about Nick’s lineage. Romanian- French.
29:30 - How do y'all handle money? What about when you disagree on certain spending habits or line items in the budget?
31:26 - Favorite thing about each other & biggest pet peeve about the other.
33:07 - Have you had any “struggles” in your marriage! How did you deal with anger, frustration, resentment?
34:40 - Who does the meal planning and cooking? and do you have help with that?
35:58 - What’s your division of labor at home? It’s like pulling teeth to get my husband to do anything around the house.
37:00 - My question for you is how important is God in your marriage?
39:06 - How do you two juggle career/parenthood/ and still remain “spicy”?
41:19 - What does Nick think of your YouTube success?? / Nick, while I’m certain you are proud of Dominique’s career, because of it, what is the biggest sacrifice for you?
42:12 - Do you get any fashion input from Nick and does he ever give you any video ideas?
42:59 - Do you style your husband?
44:13 - How do you motivate one another in eating and being healthy/active? Taking care of yourself etc?
45:13 - Most of the news is bad lately, how are you able to leave it at work and enjoy family dinner together without letting it affect your mood? Or do you deal with it as a couple?
47:00 - Do you and Nick have the same political views?
47:10 - How do you make yourselves a priority in each other’s life? Especially When there are child(ren) you bring into the relationship and he does as well? II find it very difficult
48:06 - My husband and I have a 14 year age difference, what do you feel are some of the pros and cons of an age gap relationship, and how do you deal with the cons? For me, the big con is he falls asleep so early!
49:09 - Do you think the age difference will make a difference in the future? Significant age diff in my spouse & me I'm 55 and he's 70. Sex isn’t a priority for him anymore and I understand that at his age, but I am still interested. How would y'all handle this?
52:02 - How to love and respect each other for who you each are and of course how you keep the sex hot! The last comment Nick can answer!
53:10 - Suggestions for meeting a partner later in life?

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