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Watch this if you identify as an empath

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Self: I'm just such an empath, it makes my life so difficult. 

Therapist: Can you give me an example?

Self: I'm always getting into relationships that are one sided. Or I'm giving and giving and not getting anything back. I just see the best in everyone, and I get that people don't mean to do what they do but I always end up hurt.

Therapist: That doesn't sound like you're having empathy for yourself.

Self: You have a point.

Therapist: What you're describing is actually codependency. Where you subconsciously choose people who need you to gain your own sense of worthiness. It is is very common pattern and it makes sense because that's the role you have played since you were little.

Self: Yup that was me.

Therapist: What we can work on is creating boundaries. It's great to see the best in people, but we also have to understand that behavior is the most powerful form of communication.

So when people's behaviors are hurtful, our role isn't to over-give. It's to be straightforward. Let them know the impact and set boundaries when we need to. 

You had to overgive to survive as a child and it worked then, but now it's your time to stop settling for the bare minimum. And start learning how to receive.
The Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole Lepera
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