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Web Development Primer for PL/SQL - CSS in Oracle APEX

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Web Developer Primer for PL/SQL - Using CSS in APEX

When you do you bring your Cascading Style Sheet code in or your JavaScript code in to APEX, you always wonder, "Where do I put it?" You got lots and lots of options. The place that you put it in depends on the scope.

For example, if you wanted that GoDaddy button to be available to all of the applications in your workspace, you probably want to put that Cascading Style Sheet rather than in the template but into a CSS file somewhere on your web server or perhaps in your workspace images if you can store that inside the database itself rather than on web server. You've got choices there.

If you wanted the button only in a single application, you could do exactly what I just did - put it into a template. Or you could put it in the header region on your Global page or your page zero. That's another place you could put it. Or if this was simply a hard code on one page, you could actually put style tag into the page header itself. So you've got lots of options.

What's the best practice? It depends. If you want to hear more and more about best practice in this particular area, that's a good segue into taking the SkillBuilders' HTML 5 course.
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