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What $7500 a month gets you in Silicon Valley

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We rented a house in our dream neighborhood in Silicon Valley. Are you ready for a tour?
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Time codes:
0:00 In this video
0:21 Welcome to our new home
0:43 Living room
1:29 Play room
2:12 Office
3:09 Morning Brew
4:39 Kitchen
6:47 Storage space
7:12 Guest bathroom
7:33 My YouTube studio
8:27 Master bedroom
9:05 Backyard
9:34 Wardrobe
9:50 Spa room
10:05 Master bathroom
11:44 Why I love this neighborhood so much
15:13 Basement
16:19 Garage
16:48 Another bedroom downstairs
17:02 More storage
17:09 Another guest bathroom
17:20 Let's go outside
19:20 I told my neighbors that I am a Youtuber

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