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As an educator or parent, you care about the success of your children, and you know that reading is one of the most important skills that they need to succeed in their education and beyond.
Take Michael. He's in second grade and working on becoming a fluent reader. But in schools today, it's difficult for him to get all the one-one-one reading help he needs. What if there was something that could not only help Michael but every student, and also save his parents and teachers time during their already full days?
Imagine the confidence and success this would bring to Michael and other students -- no matter their reading level.
Meet Reading Assistant.
Just like a personal, interactive tutor, Reading Assistant actually listens to the student as they read. It's the only reading program with real time oral reading feedback.
If the student stumbles or get stuck, Reading Assistant intervenes by saying the word correctly - providing help at the very moment it's needed most.
Reading Assistant can be accessed online from any computer or laptop with a broadband internet connection. Using Reading Assistant's review feature, coaches can listen to recordings of student readings at any time. Detailed graphical reports allow coaches, teachers and parents to track progress and identify when extra help is needed. And Sonic Learning's team of health and education professionals is just a phone call or email away to provide help and guidance.
Reading Assistant is a highly efficient and cost effective way to build reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary and provide real literacy support for every student.
And Michael -- in just 6 months of using Reading Assistant, (combined with his teacher's existing classroom instruction), his reading grade level has increased 50% more than that of students receiving classroom instruction alone.
Contact Sonic Learning's team of health and education professionals today to discuss Reading Assistant for your child or school.
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