When It's Time To Toss Your Cosmetics

Do you know when your beauty cosmetics are going to expire? If no, then watch out our video that will guide you about the right time to toss your cosmetics.
Video Transcription: Hi Girls
- Most beauty products are designed to stay fresh and stable only for a limited period of time. After that, they start to break down or worst case scenario you could develop a terrible infection.
- So here's how to give your health and beauty a much-needed spring cleaning, any time of year.
- Starting with Mascara: In order to prevent an eye infection, discard your mascara within two to three months after opening.
- Lipsticks: The preservatives in lipstick can break down after a year. if you're not sure when you bought your favorite tubes, chances are good it's time to toss them if the surface gets hard or small beads start to form on the bullet.
- Foundation: Within just months foundation can start to grow bacteria. So If your foundation has separated or it feels thick and clumpy, it has passed its expiration date and needs to be replaced.
- Finally we come to Blush & Bronzer: Powders, since they don't contain oils and water, have a longer shelf life than most other cosmetics. As a rule, toss these when the color darkens or starts to cake up.
So Girls kiss your makeup products goodbye on right time and for more updates visit ConsumerHealthDigest.com
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