Why Does Tesla Stock Just Keep Going Up? Model Y? New Gigafactory? Elon Musk?


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Well guys Tesla stock recently has been on quite a run. Tesla stock had dipped to below $180 per share a few month back but has now recovered nicely and is sitting around $245 a share. Why has Tesla stock been on a tear you might ask?
Well for starters Elon Musk has been on good Elon Musk behavior. Elon hasn't done anything lately that the media can pick on him for. Elon Musk by the way if you don't know is the CEO and main shareholder of Tesla stock. When Elon Musk acts or says something erratic it hurts his personal brand and hurts Tesla stock price. People start to look at him and claim that he is unstable or something like that.
Reason 2 is around the Shanghai Gigafactory Tesla is building. The Tesla Gigafactory 3 should be open within months. This is exciting for Tesla and should really open up the chinese market for Tesla once and for all in a massive way. The Tesla model 3 and Tesla model y will be made in that factory for China and maybe even other parts of asia in general.
The 3rd reason is around the Model Y. The Tesla model y will likely go into production at some point in 2020. Now it has been thought that the tesla Model y wouldn't go into production until late 2020 but now rumors are starting that the model Y will go into production maybe even in early 2020. We will see what happens but Model Y should do huge numbers when it does come out.
Reason 4 has to do with wiring. Theres is a lot of talk that The Tesla Model Y and future Teslas could use far less wiring than normal. This would bring down the cost to make a Tesla at least a few hundred dollars assuming it is true. It would also lower the weight of a Tesla, so a Tesla could go even further on a full charge.
Reason number 5 is around the lack of competition Elon Musk and Tesla are facing. Here we are in the back half of 2019 and still we have no competition for Tesla. The bears have talked about competition for the longest time but it is no where to be found. The Porsche Taycan starts over $150,000. Thats ummmmm no bueno dude.
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